It was a great opportunity for me to study atĀ IIUM; I love this place so much. I gained so much of valuable knowledge (both Islamic and conventional) during my study, I have experienced the diversity of culture, and most importantly that is where I met my beloved husband.

IIUM campus has variety of international cuisine; Arabic, Albanian, Sudanese, Central Asian etc. Actually this is how I started to like international cuisine, by being exposed to all these different type of delicious foods.

The flaky and well baked Samsa or samosa

The first time I tried samsa was from this Albanian seller, it was tasty and delicious, it used to come in two forms; with cheese and beef fillings. I have always wanted to get the recipe but couldn’t get quite right. The difficult part is to prepare the pastry. Locally, there are plenty of samsa recipes; we have the samosa of Indian origin, and karipap of Malay origin. But they are both different in their taste from this Central AsianĀ samsa.

Basically, samsa is a stuffed pastry with a savory filling. It can be spiced lamb or meat, potatoes, onions or even a cheese.

Delicious combination of meat, potatoes and onion!

This particular samsa recipe that I am going to prepare is according to original Central Asian recipe. It is basically Continue reading “Samsa”

Kyrgyz Plov

One of the most popular dishes in Kyrgyzstan. It’s a combination of rice, lamb and carrot. It’s usually prepared as an honor for the guests in Southern part of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz Plov
What a delicious outcome! It tasted great too.

Traditionally, the dish is considered delicious if prepared with lots of oil. The oil should drip from your arm while eating. But of course I am using just enough cooking oil for health purposes. Continue reading “Kyrgyz Plov”