My passion in cooking is extended to chocolate products. I love chocolate very much…. These are homemade chocolate which you can be certain that it is 100% halal.  The chocolate only available upon request as to ensure its freshness and as to meet specific demand.

You can order my homemade chocolate from these selection or you can express your idea with my creativity and I will deliver the result to you… InsyaAllah.

Ordered by Voon for his sweetheart.

Order made by Jacky for his beloved.

24 cavities plus 9 pcs alphabets with strawberry and hazelnut ganache.

Lovely gift box. Suitable for the loved one.
Two sets of 24 cavities as a gift for CNY. Gold and red for prosperity.

Order for CNY gift. 24 cavities, assorted design and filling.

The birthday gift; purple and love theme.

Order from Lyn as a birthday gift. 31 cavities and 2 pcs oreo chocolate.
27 cavities plus four pieces of oreo chocolate. A wedding gift for Sharija.
Custom made box for the chocolate set. Purple as the theme colour.
Hard box with window. Suitable as a gift set.
35 cavities as a wedding gift for Reen on her big day.
60 pieces and 7alphabets. Strawberry and Hazelnut ganache filling. Ordered by Infindo Co. 2 sets of order for the office lunch and office warming.
24 pieces and 8 alphabets, Strawberry ganache filling. Order from Hamidah Hamdan.
Set A: 4 pieces - RM 6.50. Suitable for door gift of any function
Set B: 6 pieces - RM 9.50
Set C: 9 pieces - RM 12.50
Set D: 24 pieces - RM 35.00

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