Mayonnaise Salad

This is another salad recipe that I want to share with everybody. The mayonnaise salad may be the simplest salad and probably everybody knows about it. However, I believe that someone out there might have never seen it. The first time I had this salad was in Kyrgyzstan, where Apa (my mother-in-law) use to prepare it as an accompaniment for her Kyrgyz-style fried macaroni.

Great combination of mayonnaise and vegetables.

As any other salad; vegetables especially cucumber really has refreshing effect to your body. This salad has a fresh, sweet (depending on the type of mayonnaise) and mild sour in its taste. It is really good to be eaten with something dry like a macaroni or bread.

Using the same basic ingredients, different people from different geographical location have different ways to prepare their food. All these variations may add colors into food selections. Do not afraid to try new thing as it may end up being your favorite.

Mayonnaise Salad Recipe

Serving: 3 persons


2 large tomatoes; cubed
1 large cucumber; cubed
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
Salt and pepper for seasoning


1. In a medium bowl combine the cubed tomatoes and cucumber. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste. Add in the mayonnaise and mix them well.

2. Transfer into serving dish. Keep in refrigerator for 20 minutes as to keep it chill. Garnish with parsley/mint and lemon before serving.

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