Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome to Duta Flavors!

I hope you are enjoying the recipes I post here on my blog. Since you are checking this page, I guess you want to know more about the author behind the blog.

My name is Zailina, I am mother of two beautiful kids; Manas Ismail (5 years old) and Aihan Yusuf (2.5 years old). I am married to my lovely husband Abdylas, who is originally from Kyrgyz Republic (a.k.a Kyrgyzstan).

I enjoy cooking, and most importantly I enjoy cooking good, delicious food yet simple to prepare for my family and friends. I love to prepare non-local food especially Kyrgyz meals as they are easy to be prepared and most importantly my beloved husband won’t miss his national food. Its a satisfactions to see people around me enjoy the delicious home cook meal.

The idea for the blog came about due to the many recipe requests I used to get from my friends and families. On many occasions, I have given out recipes written on a piece of paper. So I thought to myself, why not setup a blog where I can share the recipes with everyone. After all, the joy of cooking good food comes with sharing the food with others.

I would like to hear your feedback on my recipes, so please leave  your comments and if you have any queries please drop me an email.

Till then happy cooking!

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