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Welcome to, a place where you will find delicious recipes all around the world; Central Asian, Mediterranean, Western, Asian you name it! I only post delicious recipes that I always cook for my family. Most of the foods here are my family's favorites. So, whichever recipe you choose here, you won't go wrong with any of them. Enjoy your cooking!

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Kyrgyz Plov

One of the most popular dishes in Kyrgyzstan. It’s a combination of rice, lamb and carrot. It’s usually prepared as an honor for the guests in Southern part of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz Plov

What a delicious outcome! It tasted great too.

Traditionally, the dish is considered delicious if prepared with lots of oil. The oil should drip from your arm while eating. But of course I am using just enough cooking oil for health purposes. Read the rest of this entry »